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Our Story

PleaseMYbusiness is an innovative commercial cleaning company that was started with the intent of offering our clients a fantastic cleaning service without the huge margins others will charge.

Peter and Brendan Deehan started this company over 10 years ago and have grown the company to service NSW-all regional parts of NSW and Victoria. Whilst we are a cleaning company we also offer services such as washroom services, window cleaning and steam cleaning to complement our total package without losing the core focus of our business-Cleaning.

In simple terms we want to please your business and make sure your business is left clean and you get what you paid for-a great cleaning service. With over 20 years’ experience in the cleaning sector, we live by the belief that happy cleaners equate to a happy work environment and pride in their work. Hence, we look after our cleaners and reward them in various ways, so you can walk into a clean place and concentrate on other areas of your business.

With the directors having large involvements in various cleaning companies, PleaseMYbusiness was formed with the intent of improving on areas that other cleaning companies fail in and want to offer these services to our clients in a less expensive manner.

Our methods are not like other cleaning companies. We do not believe in checking the job once per week, per fortnight or even monthly- writing an inspection report and think this will suffice the cleaning bill you pay every week. We want to go above and beyond other companies and inspect all our client’s jobs on a rotated basis. We want to pick up on extra detail jobs that you may not get around to seeing as you are so busy and then bringing this to your attention. Our cleaners will with time permitting for management complete a daily walk around the site once finished ensuring management are happy. That is our commitment to you.

Our Promise

PleaseMYbusiness take immense pride in delivering what we promise. Our teamwork ensures our customers get first-class service every time. We use only the most modern, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to give our valued customers the highest quality service possible. We offer a trial period so you can see the difference our cleaning makes to your venue.

We do not cut corners or rush through the cleaning process. We take pride in our reputation. Our quality of work reflects this. We can manage our staff effectively to be absolutely certain that whatever cleaning task needs to be done, it is done on time and without compromise.

Let Us Please Your Business Today!

Australia’s most innovative commercial cleaning company with the intent of offering our clients a fantastic cleaning service without the huge margins.

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